About Us

Organic Health Mart was born out of love for wholesomeness and purity of organic food products and the passion to share it's goodness and nutrition with all of Humanity. Every product that rolls out of our shelves is sourced, processed, packed and stored in the most safest and healthiest ways, thereby ensuring the best quality for our privileged customers.

1. We have direct partnerships with our producers to offer absolutely "pure and natural" products for your kitchen and home needs.

2. Our products are grown / processed / packaged in an ethical and sustainable manner without use of any chemicals / pesticides.

3. We value role of our producers / other stakeholders and, therefore, will do our best to compensate them fairly and equitably so as to ensure both their economic well being and their continued interest in the farming / producing.

4. We believe in the adage that "Health is the foundation of all things Great, and the simplest way to achieve Health is to EAT RIGHT. This is were the quality of food that we eat becomes important. 

5. This project is also born out of our love and care for Nature , and we promote Organic farming practices to preserve and nourish the natural environment in a sustainable manner. 

6. We DO deliver what we promise / claim.

Our Mission

To Form direct partnerships with the organic farmers/ producers and use Ecommerce  to create awareness of organic and natural products, and also market and sell the same, at Fair prices for the benefit of the society.

Our Commitment 

Sustainable harnessing of Traditional Knowledge.

Ethical sourcing and commitment to fair trade principles.

Safe packing of quality products.

Trust of all stakeholders

Making Organic & Natural foods Affordable to all.